The Elite Gemini’s were among the first RIBs in WA to be used in leisure applications. With their sleek, contemporary lines, unmatched flexibility and a range of hull sizes from which to choose, the Elite Gemini leads the way in aesthetically built RIBs. With hulls ranging from 5.5m to 10.6m, whether you’ll be out in the open sea comfortably cruising from bay to bay, or blasting offshore to the FADS for a day of fishing, there is an Elite Gemini to fulfil every need, desire, or experience.

Unlike many of our competitors, a Jet Torque Gemini is built to last – no matter what you throw at it, or drag over the side! The robust foundations of a Jet Torque Gemini start with the hull, which is balsa core laminated and completely foam filled, making them not only extremely strong, but also incredibly lightweight. JET TORQUE MARINE then customises each vessel to suit our client’s precise specifications, using only the best quality equipment available.

Not sure what you need? No problem, we have a range of tried and tested standard layouts and specification packages for you to choose from. Our friendly and experienced staff will walk you through the options available, and recommend the perfect solution for your needs.

Jet Torque Geminis are also available with a range of exclusive options developed by JET TORQUE MARINE, which include our tube covers and craypot tipper solution. Our exclusive tube cover is as visually appealing as it is practical; adding an ultra durable, gripped surface that dramatically reduces the risk of slipping, it also protects the tubes from UV and scratches and marks, thus increasing the life and resale value of your vessel.

Elite 1060 Leisure Edition

The ultimate “Super Tender”, the Elite 1060 is currently the largest model in

Elite 900 Leisure Edition

The Elite 900 combines a truly remarkable handling hull with JTM’S “Elite Customisation”,

Elite 800 Leisure Edition

The latest hull design from Gemini forms the basis for the new Elite

Elite 650 Leisure Edition

The Elite 650’s sleek contemporary lines and ultra-modern hull shape combined with JTM’s

Elite 550 Leisure Edition

The Elite 550 can be customised to suit any application. Model Elite 550 Length