The team at JTM brings a wealth of experience to manufacturing and outfitting commercial vessels, for a range of clients across a variety of industries. Every client seeks a vessel created uniquely for them, and our team works extensively to design and build the perfect boat for all of your marine pursuits. We pride ourselves on the quality of our construction, as well as our lateral thinking that produces results beyond our customer’s expectations.

GEMINI hulls are the perfect platform for a range of commercial uses. With every GEMINI hull manufactured to the ISO 9001:2008 Quality Management System certified by DNV, JET TORQUE MARINE can manufacture vessels that are fully compliant with all relevant Australian AMSA NSCV survey requirements.
Our Tube design is available in either Gemini’s inflatable ORCA Hypalon tubes design or JTM’s closed cell foam system, with the choice between direct-glued or fully-removable providing flexibility across the full spectrum of commercial applications.

also currently used by Western Australian Government’s Department of Fisheries & Parks & Wild Life. Elites Gemini’s are also in commercial service in many other parts of the world, including rescue & military vessels in Indonesia and military vessels in Oman.

Elite 1060 Commercial Edition

The Gemini Elite 1060 is currently the largest model in the Gemini range.

Elite 900 Commercial Edition

The Elite 900 which replaces the very successful 860. With the outgoing 860’s

Elite 650 Commercial Edition

The Elite 650 is easily identifiable by its sleek, contemporary lines and ultra-modern

Elite 550 Commercial Edition

The 550 is used in a multitude of roles throughout the world, Sea