Our tubes are made only from the very best & certified Orca Hypalon, which is highly resistant to temperature, abrasion, Fuel, chemical and UV light.


The Gemini Elite Inflatable Hypalon tubes are made up of several separate compartments with the number varying depending on the size of the vessel.


All our tubes come with pressure relief valves in each chamber thus negating the need to constantly monitor the increasing pressures caused by rise in climate temperature, allowing the tubes to operate at maximum efficiency without the worry of tube failure due to excessive pressures.


Our fibreglass hulls comply & exceed world standard building codes & are accepted worldwide for commercial use.

All our hulls have a flush self draining deck with raised anchor locker.


Our hulls are foam filled for extra reserved bouyancy.


Our hulls are balsa core laminated increasing the strength and greatly reducing the shock mittigation due to the hull’s ability to absorb shock where it’s encountered & not transmit it through out the hull.

  • Acceptional sea keeping
  • Smooth ride Aceptional stability at rest thats not affected by weight movment
  • Easy to handle
  • Confidence inspiring
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